Paddlin Paws Ltd. operates a 6.5mL x 3.5mL x 1.4mD exercise pool which is surrounded by a raised, cladded platform. The pool is fitted with anti-swim jets at one end to create a flow of water and increase resistance for the dogs to swim against if required.

The water is chemically treated and filtered to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. It is tested at least 3 times a day to ensure the chemical and PH balance are maintained at the correct levels. All test results are recorded. The water is heated to an optimal temperature range of 27-30°C.

All animals will be fitted with a life jacket/buoyancy aid prior to entering the pool area for their safety.

Most animals will enter and exit the pool via an external ramp, animals that are unable to enter the pool of their own accord may be lifted in with the owners consent.

Pre / post session, all animals will receive a warm water rinse to warm up / cool down muscles, and be towel dried for their comfort.

Shampooing and blasting option available if required.